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Cider behind the youth club

I need something to bubble gently around the fresh rabbit I’ve brought back from the butcher. Something golden; small bubbles rising and popping silently on the butter-slicked surface. A beautiful, gossamer-light suspension for this lean little beast, which I will thicken at the end with its liver. I think I sound like Hannibal Lecter now…

Cider is not the obvious choice. Me and cider finished our short, no-strings relationship when I was 15 and it was my startlingly-sophisticated (cheap) beverage of choice behind the youth club before the Friday night disco. I haven’t touched it since. In truth, I still can’t really sit in the same room as someone who is drinking it. But there’s a bottle of Magners in the fridge (I have teenagers of my own now), and that’s the only thing I am prepared to sacrifice this late in the day, when the only other alternative is white, from Spain, and something I intend to drink.

So, I’ve browned the rabbit pieces – tumbled first in plenty of seasoned flour – and softened onion, celery (always celery with a rabbit I think, and some leaves), plus chopped garlic, and now topped the dish up with Magners. As an afterthought I’ve thrown in a handful of rosemary needles and some chopped preserved lemon rind; this last simply because I have some leftover from bruschetta I was serving last night at some Canapes Do.

It’s doing its gentle bubbling bit now – certainly for an hour and a half, maybe two – after which I’m thinking a little creme fraiche, a scattering of raw baby broads, then tipped out over tagliatelle with only a few sparse green leaves as a side salad. Must remember to take a photo.


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