To Eat Tonight

Simply delicious food. That's all.

Defined by food

It starts here: my love affair with food laid bare.

Now I have to promise (myself) that I will faithfully record what I am buying, cooking, eating, or pressing gently with my thumb.

Coming from a family where you are defined by what you eat, not how you are, I hope it will inspire – but even more fervently I hope it won’t sound pompous, fussy or like my BMI is higher than my IQ.

My first post? It’s autumn in the UK. Food heaven.

By 5pm at this earliest point in October the light is already smokey, like standing under a tree. The wisteria leaves framing my window duck and bob in a sudden sharp breeze and say Soup.

So. Butternut roasted generously with grassy olive oil, irridescent salt flakes and a handful of thyme stalks, pureed to amber sludge with an excellent stock, seasoned really, really properly and then poured thickly into a cheap white bowl, enlivened – should it be necessary – by a handful of paprika-stained croutons and a fanciful fistful of sunflower seeds.

Winter? Bring it on.


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