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More cake

While we’re on a cake roll, if you see what I mean … Clocks changed last night and it’s now 5pm and dark. Take heart though. Two good things: an … Continue reading

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Cake; I looove the cake.

I don’t eat cake, but in recent months I have developed what I pretend is a homely, pinnie-wearing passion for making it. It’s born mostly of my grim determination to … Continue reading

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Girls’ food. Comfortable, but with really nice shoes…

EatLikeaGirl is an award-winning blog, and deservedly so. Written by an engaging Irish girl who travels a lot, she blogs about food and wine and her writing is honest, unfancy … Continue reading

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Mushrooms on a meat-free Monday (sigh)

The title makes me sigh – perhaps I will change it. The tokenism that is vegetarianism depresses me. I am not, you understand, a vegetarian and, whilst I finally see … Continue reading

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New Nigella

Just a quickie (grin…) While we’re all slagging off her new programme, I just wanted to note that we’re still watching it. For me though, it’s not about the food, … Continue reading

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Fig, a grown up fruit

Is fig, like tomato, only for grown ups? Children – outside the Mediterranean at least – regard it with suspicion, and adults with indifference (or embarrassment as they struggle with … Continue reading

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Cider behind the youth club

I need something to bubble gently around the fresh rabbit I’ve brought back from the butcher. Something golden; small bubbles rising and popping silently on the butter-slicked surface. A beautiful, … Continue reading

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